We are One

A friend of mine just recently posted a video on Facebook from 1993. It reminded me that we are all connected. I could go into the whole spiritual thing about coming from God—that’s where we started, and eventually that is where we will end—but I want us to look at it a different way. A way where we can start bringing peace to the world.

Our bodies are comprised of a gazillion (another way of saying “seven billion billion billion”) different atoms, in our 37 trillions cells. If it weren’t for those atoms/cells our bodies would not exist. In 2013 the planet earth had over 7 billion people, and many more organisms on it. Without us, and the rest of the animal and vegetable kingdom this planet probably would not exist, or at least not as we know it.

WeAreOneWorldOur atoms and cells work together to keep our bodies functioning. We as a human race need to work together for world peace and security. How do we do that? Through unconditional love, and remembering that our neighbors are an extension of ourselves.

When you look at another person, you are really looking in a mirror. You see yourself in that person. If there is something you don’t particularly like about that person, then it is probably something in you that you recognize and don’t like about yourself. Conversely if you see something beautiful in that person, that is your own beauty shining through.

we_are_one_iiiThis is a wonderful world. Your perception is your reality. Recognize your connection with your fellow human being, with the animal kingdom, and the plant and sea worlds. We are One my friends. You are my brothers and sisters. The power of unconditional love will bring us together.

We are blessed.

Chicken thighs with roasted apples and garlic

And this is what I am having for dinner tonight.