Peaceful thoughts bring a peaceful world

Working together to make this world a better place

collective-consciousnessThis goes along with collective consciousness. As a group of people, if we work in tandem, and rid ourselves of our ego thoughts, stop thinking in terms of I need more than someone else, love our neighbors as ourselves, this world would be a much better place.

As I have said before, I do not listen to the news or read the newspaper, or even look at news online. But, I do hear and see what is going on around me. A friend of mine recently said, that I should not vote, because she 9149649-clippings-of-newspaper-headlines-showing-bad-newsthinks I am totally uninformed.

I’m not so uninformed that I can’t see that our different political parties hate each other so much, that our government is crippled. I am not so uninformed that we have allowed big business, and the pharmaceutical companies to buy our politicians so that laws are passed that are not in the best interest of our population. I am not so uninformed that I know that the media no longer objectively states the news, and brings us nothing but bad news to instill fear into our society.

murderviagunsThis world is not such a bad place, but carrying guns against that invisible threat, which only manages to put guns in the hands of those who believe those threats, which causes tragic shootings is not an answer.

Another friend of mine related a story of her being in court for a traffic citation. She was terrified (her words) of being found guilty to the point that she was shaking. She realized that her fear was becoming debilitating, and stopped herself, performed a quiet meditation calming herself, and shook herself out of the fear. She was then called out of court, and toldmeditate that her case was dismissed. We won’t know, but I guarantee that had she stayed in that state of fear, she would have been found guilty and been fined and had points put on her record.

The next time you find yourself angry or fearful say to yourself, “My fearful thoughts are showing me a fearful world.” Or, “My angry thoughts are showing me an angry world.” This is a paraphrase from Lesson 11 of the workbook in A Course in Miracle, My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

f32d75cd5899b845f84f299ec68b3fccThink peace and we will have peace. Be the peace you would like to see in the world.