God is unconditional Love

We are loved unconditionally

EVERYTHING-POSSIBLE-2I know that not everyone believes there is a God. But, I do. I look around me every day in wonder, and say to myself, “How can this be?” I don’t believe it could if there wasn’t something greater out there.

Unconditional LoveIt doesn’t matter what you call that master creator. Whether you call God, a he or she, the Master of the Universe, Yahweh, Allah, Adonai. For the purpose of this blog, I’m calling the Master of the Universe, God. God works for me, and God doesn’t care what you call her.

What I do know deep in my soul is that God loves us unconditionally. God does not care what color you are, what your sexual orientation is, what religion you are, whether you are good or bad. God loves you. GOD LOVES YOU!

I want you to close your eyes, and think of someone close to you who has a tendency to disappoint you. It could be a sibling, one of your children, in my case it has been pets. But, for the sake of this discussion, if you have a child you have been struggling with, whether he or she is on drugs, has a mean streak, keeps finding themselves in trouble, is an alcoholic, anything. No matter how difficult that child has been, do you not still love him or her?

That, I believe, is how God is with us. We are the creator of Gods-Unconditional-Loveour own reality. God is the master creator. And when we make a mess of our lives, God shakes her head, and loves us anyway.

I don’t believe in sin. Jesus Christ died on that cross and took away our sin. But, that is for another discussion. I don’t really believe in right or wrong, but I do believe in what works and doesn’t work. The things that work feel good, and the things that don’t work make us feel not so good.

So whenever you are not feeling so good, or if you are looking at your wayward loved one, know that God loves him or her unconditionally. I once heard that God does not have grandchildren. We are all God’s children, and that goes for your loved ones. God loves you and them, unconditionally.

I liGodIsLoveke to think of God as a White Light. In your thoughts and prayers, spread that White Light around you and the ones you love. God is with you.

And you atheists out there, if you believe in love, you believe in God, for God is Love.